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The American Garage Door Promise

American Garage Door knows that you have other choices when it comes to garage door repair and installation and appreciates that you chose to work with us. We will do everything in our power to prove that you have made the right choice.

American Garage Door  (855) 999-4500Our service technicians are among the most skilled and professional in the garage door repair and installation industry. That is because we require every person we hire to prove that he or she has completed extensive education in this trade in addition to having several years of experience. We also look for personal attributes such as a friendly demeanor, customer service aptitude, and someone who takes personal responsibility for the outcomes they produce. When you work with American Garage Door, you can be assured that our employees have the know-how to assist you with any type of garage door issue.

Our employees are confident in their skills and take personal satisfaction in a job well done. Because they want you to feel secure in their ability to complete quality work, they take the time to answer all of your questions in a straightforward manner. Your technician will explain every aspect of the job he or she performs before commencing with it. We may also make recommendations on specific upgrades to ensure that you don’t encounter a reoccurrence of the same problem with your garage door.

Without a properly functioning garage door, you have no protection for your vehicle and other items inside of your garage. It can also be easier for unauthorized people to gain access to your property. However, almost every person who has a garage runs into a repair issue eventually due to the precision of its components. As with everything else, garage doors that encounter heavy use will wear out faster. When that day comes for you, call on the professionals at American Garage Door for immediate and experienced assistance. You are a valued customer and we care about your safety and security.

Experience You Can Rely On

As a primary entrance point to your residence or business, your garage door is especially vulnerable. Our technicians will arrive to your location within minutes of receiving your service call, regardless of the time. We are prepared to deal with any issue at our 24-hour operation, such as jammed locks, broken pulleys, and routine maintenance. You can’t relax when your garage isn’t secure and you shouldn’t have to wait for service. As a client of American Garage Door, you won’t have to.

Our Services

Because of its intricate parts and electronic opening and closing motions, the garage door is usually the most complex of all doors on a residential property. American Garage Door offers complete residential garage door services, which includes installation, repair, and replacement. If you’re considering a new garage door for your home, one of our representatives would be happy to review various garage door systems with you. This involves showing you photos and descriptions of various brands along with different styles of garage doors such as the overhead.

In addition to installation services, American Garage Door also offers service enhancements like a quiet-running opener or a clicker opener. Additionally, we can implement enhanced security options with your garage door such as a keypad or a motion detector. There is no need to work with more than one company for your garage door needs when we provide it all.

Trustworthy Technicians

 American Garage Door never takes for granted the trust it requires to invite us to your home and allow us access to your garage. We appreciate this trust and work hard to further establish credibility with you during every aspect of our service to you. This starts with your first call. As our client, we pledge to provide you with a no-obligation written estimate. We tell you everything you need to know in straightforward language, not industry jargon. This ensures that you understand what to expect from us.

After your technician finishes the work at your property, he or she will describe the services performed and ensure that it meets with your satisfaction. American Garage Door brings an extensive inventory of garage door parts to every job, which means that we have the parts on hand to get started on the repair right away. Our goal is to extend the lifespan of your garage door so you won’t have to replace it for many more years.

We are pleased to offer a same-day callback policy and a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee of all our work. If you have questions or concerns, contact us at any time before or after we complete the job. Because American Garage Door has such high performance standards, we are certain that we employ the best technicians in the entire industry.

Total Convenience

We are committed to making things as convenient as possible for you in addition to guaranteeing your complete satisfaction. Our expert 24-hour service means that a skilled technician is available whenever you should need one. Since we maintain a full mobile fleet, we are able to arrive at your location within minutes of your call. American Garage Door aims to complete all work in a single service call, which saves you both time and money. We embrace an attitude of service to our customers, going above and beyond what they could possibly expect from an encounter with our company. We feel this is the one thing that truly makes us stand out from the competition in the local community.