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American Garage Door  (855) 999-4500As an industry leader in dependable and high quality overhead garage doors, American Garage Door enjoys helping you select the ideal door for your residential or commercial property. Our experts will help you identify the perfect garage door based on your budget, style preferences, and security issues. You can be assured that any door you select will provide you with years of reliable service as well as improved aesthetics.

Whether you have a single-car garage or need a large industrial door for a construction or delivery business, American Garage Door has the options you need. We have provided excellent service to the people of this community for many years and will do the same for you. You can always depend on our experienced and helpful technicians to come prepared to get the job done right in one appointment.

We offer an extensive range of residential and commercial garage door types for your convenience. American Garage Door can also install additional components such as keypads, motors, and sensors so your garage door is customized especially for you. When it comes time to install a new garage door, you can rely on our quality and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Garage Door Checkup

A garage door contains numerous intricate parts that are dependent on one another for safe operation. If a single part fails, it affects the functionality of the entire door. For this reason, we recommend regular routine maintenance to ensure that your garage door is safe and operational at all times.

When you schedule a garage door checkup with American Garage Door, a service technician examines all of the garage door system’s critical components, including the opener, panels, hardware, door track, and springs. If your garage door includes advanced features such as motion sensors and automatic openers, we check those as well.

After checking each part of your garage door system, your technician will advise you of any needed repair issues and then complete routine maintenance. We recommend that you follow-up with scheduling a repair appointment as soon as possible. Some of the maintenance tasks that we perform include correcting the tension of the springs, tightening any hardware that has become loose, and adding lubrication to all moving parts.

Broken Door

Your garage door may break due to a specific incident or after years of normal wear and tear. However it happens, an improperly functioning garage door can affect the functionality of the garage as well as your security. With this in mind, American Garage Door offers same-day service to commercial and residential clients with garage door malfunction issues. We can repair your garage door or its opener 24 hours a day. Our services technicians have the required training and experience to fix all configurations and brands of garage doors and will always explain everything they are doing.

Off-Track Garage Door

A garage door’s track enables it to consistently raise and lower in a smooth fashion. When the door comes off the track, it makes it difficult or impossible to operate it. Broken cables are the most common reason for a garage door to come off-track. This happens after many years of daily use and exposure to temperature extremes or moisture. The cables typically fail on either the left or right side but not both at the same time. Cables frequently break as a garage door is being opened, sometimes leaving it so badly damaged that it must be replaced.

Other common causes of off-track garage doors include the door not having an operating electric eye to prevent it from closing on obstructions in its path and a door collision. Both of these situations need immediate attention, which you can get from American Garage Door at any time. We will promptly get the garage door back on track to restore its functioning or replace the door if necessary.

While it may be tempting to fix the off-track issue yourself, failing to do so correctly could cause serious damage and a potentially dangerous situation. Sadly, many inexperienced people have been injured or killed when attempt to complete a repair. If your garage door goes off-track, just call American Garage Door for immediate help.